What is Caribbean Week?

Caribbean Week is an amazing showcase of the product and cultural diversity and desirability of the Caribbean. It takes place as full weeks or weekends at various locations in the United States and Canada.

Who organizes Caribbean Week?

Caribbean Week is organized by the Caribbean Tourism Organization, the regional tourism development agency representing over 30 Dutch, English, French and Spanish speaking countries in the Caribbean.

Who will be there?

There’s something for everyone – senior government officials engage in business and policy discussions; consumers can purchase their next vacation at special prices available only during the week; investors seek investment opportunities in the Region; the Caribbean Diaspora engages representatives from their destination; the travel industry learns more about trends in Caribbean tourism, and how to take advantage of these trends; the media gets the scoop for the next great story on developments in the Caribbean.

Where is it taking place?

Caribbean Week is held in New York City annually during the first week of June, which is known as Caribbean American Heritage Month. In Toronto, it is being held in November in 2017. The venues of the events vary, but they are usually at a hotel or event space in the mid-town area, easily accessible from neighboring cities.

What type of activities will take place at Caribbean Week?

Activities include Business meetings, Educational Workshops, Trade Shows, Consumer events, Social gatherings and Fundraising events.

Are there any Sponsorship Opportunities?

Yes, there are many opportunities for event sponsorship. The Caribbean Tourism Organization welcomes your support.

Who can attend?

Any individual or company currently doing business, contemplating doing business or traveling to the Caribbean Region is invited to attend.  Events area classified into three (03) categories: travel and media events, consumer events and private events. General public is invited to participate in consumer events, most of them are free, but some may require a registration fee.

Why should I/ my organization / team attend?

If you’re currently doing business or considering doing business in the Caribbean, you will want to network with the largest cross section of tourism industry experts and business professionals that converge during Caribbean Week.  It is the most cost-effective way to reach representatives from multiple destinations in the region.

Are there any exhibiting opportunities available?

Exhibiting opportunities are available at the various events at Caribbean Week.

Please contact us for further information.

Are there any registration/access/event fees?

The fees vary depending on the event. Details are available on the registration forms for all events.  Some consumer events are free of charge, but all events require registration.

Can I volunteer at events?

We would love to have you among our team of volunteers, if you are flexible, punctual understand team effort and are serious about contributing to the success of the events. Contact us for further information on volunteering positions.

What is the dress code for Caribbean Week?

Please check each event description for the dress code guidelines.  Dress code ranges from elegant to business to casual business depending on the event.  CTO will advise in advance all approved volunteers of the dress code prior to events.